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March 2018

It shouldn't come as too big a surprise that I like Blogs that focus on money, investing, owning homes, and financial independence/retiring early (which is what I did at 58).  Most offer excellent insights into ways to get more fun out of life without becoming a miser. 

Get Rich Slowly

Common sense advice and money saving tips on topics from high interest savings accounts, frugality, cd rates, money market accounts, mortgage rates, how to get out of debt, money management and more.  (Comment: Really well written and very thoughtful articles about practical living.)

Afford Anything (

You Can Afford Anything ... Just Not Everything. What's It Gonna Be?  (Comment: Really like this one because it acknowledges its all about the choices we make... with a spin on real estate investing.)

Mr. Money Mustache (
We have a lot of fun here, even as we continuously improve our lives and become more wealthy. So you'll want to follow along. You can get the articles by email using the box below, subscribe to the RSS feed, join me for some fun chitchat on Twitter, get notifications from the mobile app, and tune into the Facebook page if ...   (Comment: Here you'll get an alternative and useful viewpoint on just about every choice your going to face in life.)

The Wealthy Accountant (
Where people learn to think wealthy and then become wealthy.  (Comment: Very well read, thoughtful, and emotional slant on money and its uses, strategies, and pitfalls.)

... more to come in the future!  Enjoy Reading!